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FRSC Recruitment Portal 2023: (Application Guide)

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School Scholar has made it fit to provide all job applicants with the complete guidelines on FRSC recruitment, its application process, the requirements needed, personal information, and more so you can be able to navigate the FRSC Recruitment Portal and be successful.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) holds recruiting drives to entice qualified people who are interested in working for the organisation in charge of managing road safety, controlling traffic, and enforcing traffic laws in Nigeria.

The FRSC is essential in providing safer roads, lowering accident rates, and fostering orderly road usage throughout the nation.

The application procedure, academic and physical screenings, written tests, interviews, and medical evaluations are some of the elements that commonly make up the FRSC hiring process.

Please you need to know this, aside from the test, qualified individuals are also chosen based on their educational background, driving prowess, physical fitness, and other pertinent factors.

The FRSC offers successful candidates the chance to work in a variety of positions, including road traffic officers, patrol officers, vehicle inspection officers, and administrative employees.

About The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

A government organisation in Nigeria called the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is in charge of enforcing traffic laws nationwide, promoting road safety, and guaranteeing the free flow of traffic.

Through its numerous operations and initiatives, the FRSC, which was founded in 1988, significantly contributes to the decline in traffic-related deaths, injuries, and incidents.

The functions of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Nigeria

The functions of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Nigeria

The primary responsibilities of the FRSC include rescue services, driver licence issuance, vehicle inspection, and road safety education.

The agency employs a network of well-trained employees, patrol teams, and road safety clinics to police traffic laws, instruct motorists on safe driving habits, and quickly respond to crises on the road.

The FRSC strives to develop road infrastructure, increase transportation safety, and safeguard the lives and well-being of Nigerians on the roads by providing effective traffic management, holding frequent road safety campaigns, and delivering driver education programmes.

The FRSC continues to support the advancement of a safer driving culture and the general well-being of Nigerian society by its dedication to professionalism, discipline, and effective road safety management.

The FRSC is committed to creating a safe and secure road environment for everyone, with an emphasis on preventing accidents, minimising congestion, and promoting responsible use of roads.

FRSC Recruitment Requirement 2023

Who is eligible to apply for FRSC recruitment? Candidates who are eligible to apply are those who have followed the FRSC recruitment requirement very well and have all the information needed in place before applying.

We have made everything possible by getting that information from the company involved and then presents to you in a more clear and simple manner, so you don’t miss out on anything.

So for a successful job application, below is the list of requirements by the job organization.

Higher Qualifications  ========> Any recognised institution will accept an ND, HND, or BSC.
Nationality  ========> Nigerian
Minimum Age  ========> 18–35 years old
Minimum height  ========> 1.69 for males while female is 1.65.
Preferred Qualification  ========> With five credits from the SSCE, NECO, and NABTEB, including English and maths
Location  ========> Nationwide
Gender  ========> Male and Female
Other Requirements  ========> English fluency and computer literacy

How To Apply For FRSC Recruitment

Application for a job is a good step but knowing how to apply is another. We are going to give you a detailed and comprehensive guild to a successful application process.

Kindly go through the steps highlighted below carefully to get everything done.

How To Apply For FRSC Recruitment

  • You must submit your application to the FRSC Recruitment portal using this website,
  • To get the application form, go to the career section of the website.
  • Create an account using a legitimate email address to apply.
  • Once you’ve logged onto your FRSC dashboard, carefully read the instructions provided before completing the application form.
  • Each applicant is requested to submit all necessary documents, including a cover letter explaining experience, a résumé, references, biographical information, transcripts, and degrees.
  • Check your details before submitting.

How to Create a Good Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) for FRSC Recruitment job Application

1. Please provide your personal information.

Your contact details must be on your CV if you want to successfully get a job. Make sure your resume includes a section with your current contact information, such as name, email, phone number, and address.

Since it is a government position, keep in mind that the verification procedure will include your postal address, so make sure it is current. To make this part easier to read, think about using a different font.

2. Your Citizenship Status Must Be Clearly Stated

Nigerian federal positions typically care a lot about an applicant’s citizenship. It would be in your best interest to disclose your citizenship on the application for this reason.

Keep in mind that since hiring managers have limited attention spans, you must make it crystal clear, succinct, and obvious.

3. Indicate Education and Qualifications Clearly

Your present degree of schooling should be the section’s conclusion. You must make copies of all transcripts and academic credentials, including degrees and diplomas.

4. Allow your information to be directed towards open positions.

It’s crucial to modify your current document so that it complies with the demands outlined in the job posting. Make a note of the keywords used in the article and include them into your CV.

5. Include Woking-related experience from similar positions.

Remember that you can only include experiences from jobs that are similar to the one in issue. Only include work experiences on your resume that you believe will help you stand out to employers.

6. Consider Your Resume’s Length

Even if the government job description may be lengthy and extensive, it is essential to keep your resume as succinct and to the point as possible.

While recent college grads should have a one-page resume, seasoned professionals should have CVs that are at least two pages long.

What are the Educational Qualifications Needed for FRSC Recruitment Job Application

1. Road Marshal Assistant (RMA) Cadre:

    • A minimum of three (3) credits in SSCE (or its equivalent), including English language and mathematics, is required for applicants.

2. Marshal Inspectorate (MI) Cadre:

    • A minimum of five (5) credits in SSCE (or its equivalent), including English language and mathematics, is required for applicants.
    • It is necessary to possess either a National Diploma (ND) or a National Certificate of Education (NCE).

3. Officer Cadre:

    • A minimum of five (5) credits in SSCE (or its equivalent), including English language and mathematics, is required for applicants.
    • Entry into the Officer Cadre requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

Is Nigeria road safety Form out?

Application forms are available online at the FRSC recruitment website. FRSC 2023 recruitment forms are currently available and will be accessible soon.

What is the salary of the FRSC?

We found out that those with secondary certificates who work for the Federal Road Safety Corp. receive about N40,000 a month.For Bsc graduates working for the FRSC, the starting salary is N150,000.High ranking FRSC officers can earn up to N250,001 annually, while HND holders can earn up to N100,000.

Does FRSC do training?

In certain places, the Federal Road Safety Corps will conduct its training. All chosen candidates must show up on time for their individual training locations.

How does the FRSC look after Nigeria road?

The Commission is specifically tasked with the following duties: Preventing or reducing traffic accidents. removing impediments from all highway areas. educating drivers, motorists, and the general public about how to use the highways safely.

How many states does the FRSC operate in Nigeria?

12 zonal commands (offices) of the Federal Road Safety Corps are located all throughout the nation.

Which ministry is road safety under in Nigeria?

According to the law, the Federal Road Safety Corps is supervised by the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), which reports to the presidency.

What is the meaning of officer cadre in FRSC?

The highest level of ranks in the commission is those in the officer cadre. Senior officials in the commission are thought of as the members of this cadre of staff.

Officers who join the commission at the rank of assistant route commander are likely to advance to the position of Corps marshal, which is the highest rank.

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