Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal 2023: (Application Guide)

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal 2023: (Application Guide)

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Nigerian Navy recruitment is another important recruitment every job seeker should consider. Do you wish to apply for this job and don’t know how? This article will provide you with all you need to know about the academic and personal requirements and how to apply on the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal as you read along.

The origin of the Nigerian Navy could be traced to the Marine Department of the Royal Navy established in 1887 as a quasi-military organization, which combined the duties of the present-day Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), the Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority and the Nigerian Navy.

Elements of the Marine Department took part in military operations against the Germans in Cameroun during the First World War between 1914–1918. However, the colonial administration did not consider it necessary to establish a proper navy, as they believed that it was the duty of the Royal Navy to give naval protection to Nigeria.

Also, the Marine Department was considered adequate to look after the security of the ports and coastal approaches and provide harbor services for Royal Navy ships on West African patrols. This was the situation until the end of the Second World War in 1945.

If you want to get employment in the Nigerian Navy, then you have to follow all the application procedures that will be provided in this article and then apply on where you will be able to obtain the Nigerian Navy recruitment 2023 form online.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Requirement 2023

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Requirement 2023

Nigerian Navy requirements will help you to understand and know what is required of an applicant before applying. Don’t just apply blindly, get the requirements set so you don’t get stuck on the way. Check out the below list of requirements for a successful application process.

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth.
  • Possess a minimum of 5 credits in SSCE, GCE, NECO, and NABTEB in not more than 2 sittings.
  • School certificates must not be older than 6 years from the date of application
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 – 22 years by 30 September 2023 for SSCE and its equivalent.
  • Applicants must be free from any previous criminal conviction by a court of law.
  • For entry requiring NCE, Diploma Sportsmen/Sportswomen, Imam/Chaplain, and Drivers/Mechanics, applicants must be between the ages of 18 – 26 years by 30 September 2023
  • All applicants must indicate/provide their National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • Applicants must not be below the height of 1.69 meters for males and 1.65 meters for females.
  • Applicants with any of the following medical/physical challenges are NOT to apply: sight problems, ear problems, communicable diseases, mental problems, stammering, or any physical disability. Applicants who have tattoos are also not to apply.

How to Apply For the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Online

Knowing the right steps involved in applying for a job is very important. Due to a lot of difficulties faced by job applicants, we have decided to provide you with a simple guideline that will help you in the application process. Follow the steps below.

Log onto , when the portal opens up, click on register.

– Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal –

1. Apply By Signing the Parent/Guardian Consent Form

This form is to be signed by your parent or guardian, giving their consent for your participation in the Nigerian Navy recruitment.

2. Fill and submit the Local Government Attestation Form on the portal

This form is obtained from your local government area of origin or residence. It serves as proof of your identity and confirms your local government area of origin.

3. Fill and submit the Police Certification Form on the portal

This form is to be obtained from the police station nearest to your place of residence. It certifies that you have no criminal record or pending criminal charges.

4. Fill and submit your Guarantor Form on the portal

The Guarantor Form is filled and signed by a reputable member of society who can vouch for your character and suitability for recruitment into the Nigerian Navy.

The guarantor should be of a certain rank or profession, such as a traditional ruler, magistrate, local government chairman, senior military officer, or senior civil servant.

5. Fill and submit your Birth Certificate on the portal

A copy of your birth certificate or a sworn declaration of age is usually required to verify your age and date of birth.

6. submit your Educational Certificates on the portal

You may need to provide copies of your educational certificates, including your primary school leaving certificate, secondary school certificate, and any higher education certificates or qualifications you possess.

7. submit your Passport Photographs on the portal

You may be asked to submit recent passport-sized photographs. The specific number of photographs required will be specified in the application instructions.

8. Upload and submit your NYSC Discharge Certificate or Exemption Letter on the portal

If you have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, you may need to provide a copy of your NYSC discharge certificate. If you are exempted from the program, you may be required to submit an exemption letter.

9. Upload and submit your Medical Report on the portal

The Nigerian Navy may require you to undergo a medical examination and submit a medical report from a recognized medical facility or government hospital. This report will assess your physical and mental fitness for service.

10. submit your Recommendation Letters on the portal

You may be asked to provide recommendation letters from reputable individuals or institutions that can attest to your character, skills, or qualifications.

11. submit your Certificate of State of Origin on the portal

A certificate of state of origin, obtained from your state of origin or the local government area, may be required to establish your Nigerian citizenship and state of origin.

Why Do you need Passport-sized Photographs for Job Recruitment in Nigeria?

  1. Identification and verification of candidates throughout the recruitment process.
  2. Ensuring consistency and uniformity in candidate records.
  3. Inclusion in official personnel files and identification documents.
  4. Visual link between employees and their official records.
  5. Security and access control in roles with restricted areas or sensitive information.
  6. Verification of physical appearance for roles with specific requirements (e.g., appearance, uniform suitability).
  7. Building familiarity and trust with clients or customers in customer-facing roles.
  8. Facilitating employee recognition and identification within the organization.
  9. Compliance with regulatory or legal requirements related to employment documentation.
  10. Matching photographs with other forms of identification (e.g., national identification cards, driver’s licenses).
  11. Ensuring that candidates meet visual standards or criteria for specific roles (e.g., modeling, acting).
  12. Enhancing the professionalism and visual representation of the organization’s workforce.
  13. Visual reference for internal communications, such as employee directories or organization charts.
  14. Ensuring accuracy in cross-referencing candidate information during background checks or security clearances.
  15. Aligning with established industry practices and standards for candidate screening and selection.

References/Recommendation Letters Samples for a Job Recruitment in Nigeria

Sample 1:

  • [Your Name]
  • [Your Address]
  • [City, State, ZIP Code]
  • [Email Address]
  • [Phone Number]
  • [Date]

Sample 2:

  • [Recipient’s Name]
  • [Recipient’s Position]
  • [Company/Organization Name]
  • [Company/Organization Address]
  • [City, State, ZIP Code]
  • Dear [Recipient’s Name],
  • Subject: Recommendation for [Candidate’s Name]

I am writing this letter to highly recommend [Candidate’s Name] for employment at your esteemed organization. I have had the privilege of working closely with [Candidate’s Name] for [duration of your professional relationship], and I am confident in their abilities, dedication, and potential.

[Candidate’s Name] possesses exceptional [specific skills, qualities, or experiences] that make them an ideal candidate for the position they are applying for. Throughout our professional association, I have observed [Candidate’s Name] demonstrate excellent [relevant skills, such as leadership, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, etc.].

Their ability to [provide examples of specific achievements or projects] showcases their creativity, resourcefulness, and strong work ethic. Moreover, [Candidate’s Name] consistently exhibits a high level of professionalism, integrity, and reliability in all their endeavors.

Apart from their outstanding professional attributes, I must also highlight [Candidate’s Name]’s remarkable interpersonal skills. They excel in building and maintaining positive relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients. Their strong communication skills, combined with their empathetic nature, allow them to effectively collaborate and resolve conflicts in a respectful and diplomatic manner.

I have no doubt that [Candidate’s Name] will be an invaluable asset to your organization, contributing to its growth and success. Their passion, commitment, and ability to adapt quickly to new challenges make them an exceptional candidate.

In conclusion, I highly recommend [Candidate’s Name] for the position they are seeking within your organization. Should you require any further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [your email address/phone number].

Thank you for considering [Candidate’s Name] for this opportunity, and I am confident that they will exceed your expectations.

Yours sincerely,

  • [Your Name]
  • [Your Position/Title]
  • [Company/Organization Name]
  • [Contact Information]

What is the Age Limit for Job Recruitment in Nigeria

  1. Legal Working Age: The legal working age in Nigeria is generally 18 years old. Individuals below this age are restricted from engaging in formal employment, except in certain cases where specific regulations or exemptions apply.
  2. Retirement Age: The mandatory retirement age in Nigeria is typically 60 years old or as specified by relevant laws or regulations. This retirement age may vary depending on the industry, sector, or position.
  3. Age Requirements in Government Jobs: Some government agencies or positions may have specific age limits for recruitment. For example, certain civil service positions may have upper age limits, typically around 35 to 40 years old, although there may be exceptions for specialized roles.
  4. Age Discrimination Laws: The Nigerian Labour Act prohibits age discrimination in employment. It states that no employer should discriminate against an employee or job applicant based on their age, except in cases where age is a genuine occupational requirement.
  5. Industry-Specific Requirements: Certain industries, such as the military or security services, may have specific age requirements due to the physically demanding nature of the work or other operational considerations. These requirements can vary widely, and it is important to refer to the specific guidelines and regulations of the relevant organization.

Do you need a Medical Fitness Certificate to apply for A Job Recruitment in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, job recruitment may require candidates to provide a Medical Fitness Certificate to demonstrate their good health and physical fitness for the specific job. The requirement for a Medical Fitness Certificate can vary depending on the industry, nature of the job, and level of physical exertion involved.

One thing is that, jobs that involve hazardous environments, physical exertion, or high levels of responsibility may necessitate a medical examination and the acquisition of a certificate from a recognized medical facility or government hospital. The specific details and instructions for obtaining the certificate will be provided in the job advertisement or application instructions, and candidates should carefully adhere to these requirements.

It is important for candidates to understand that the need for a Medical Fitness Certificate may differ from one job recruitment to another. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly review the specific job advertisement or directly contact the recruiting organization to ascertain the exact requirements and procedures for obtaining the Medical Fitness Certificate. By following the provided instructions, candidates can ensure compliance and demonstrate their suitability for the job in terms of health and physical fitness.

That has been it on the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal. Share this article with others on Facebook and other social media platforms if we have met your search. Get more information about recruitment portal applications here on our blog.

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