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NAFDAC Recruitment Portal 2023: (Application Guide)

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Nigeria has a lot of job seekers, if you have graduated and you don’t have a job, here is up-to-date information on NAFDAC recruitments. We have compiled information concerning the job requirements, required credentials, how to apply on NAFDAC Recruitment Portal, and more to help you in this article.

To find skilled people interested in advancing public health and safety in Nigeria, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) organizes job recruiting to only pick qualified applicants.

Don’t forget, when you are being employed you may be sent to check the affairs of any of these companies; manufacturing, importation, exportation, promotion, distribution, sale, and usage of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical equipment, and chemicals.

And all those companies/industries mentioned are subject to regulation and oversight by NAFDAC,

One of the main steps of the NAFDAC hiring process includes submitting applications, screening tests, written exams, interviews, and background checks.

So how does NAFDAC recruit? How do they select an individual? The selection of qualified individuals depends on how well they perform in these evaluations and other pertinent factors including their educational background and work experience.

Successful candidates will have the chance to work at NAFDAC in a variety of capacities, including regulatory officials, laboratory scientists, inspectors, chemists, and administrative staff.

The goal of NAFDAC’s hiring procedure is to create a professional and devoted workforce committed to assuring the efficacy, quality, and safety of regulated products, safeguarding public health, and halting the distribution of fake and subpar goods.

About The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

About The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is a government organisation in Nigeria tasked with protecting the public’s health by policing the production, distribution, sale, and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical equipment, and chemicals. NAFDAC, which was founded in 1993, is essential to guaranteeing the efficacy, safety, and quality of the nation’s regulated products.

The primary responsibilities of NAFDAC include product registration, manufacturing facility inspections, rule enforcement, post-marketing surveillance, and public health education.

The organisation makes a concerted effort to stop the sale of fake and inferior goods, promote proper manufacturing techniques, and safeguard the public from the dangers of unregulated and harmful items.

In order to strengthen its capabilities, harmonise standards, and increase the regulation of products across borders, NAFDAC also works with international organisations and regulatory bodies.

NAFDAC Recruitment Requirement 2023

Here is good news already for you, guess what? We have now researched upon “the NCAC recruitment requirement”. Everything is now in one place for you to get the complete requirements expected to be followed by applicants who are about to apply for the job.

Here below are the list of required documents, credentials and other important information to take note of.

Higher Qualifications    ========> Any accredited institution’s HND or BSC is accepted.
Nationality   ========> Nigerian
Minimum Age   ========> 18-35 years old
Minimum height   ========>
Preferred Qualification   ========> With five credits from the SSCE, NECO, and NABTEB, including English and maths
Location   ========> Nationwide
Gender  ========> Male and Female
Other Requirements  ========> English fluency and computer literacy

How To Apply For NAFDAC Recruitment

Are you a job applicant and you have gotten everything set in place like the job academic requirements, and documents needed for the application process? Now is the time to apply, not everyone knows how to apply, so we have developed a guide to help you apply successfully on the portal, kindly follow the procedures below for a successful application.

  • Visit the following website:
  • Create an account with your preferred email address and pick an easy-to-remember password.
  • Select the position you want to work in.
  • Study the job responsibilities and description in great detail.
  • Click on apply
  • Fill in all blank fields with your information as directed on the application form.
  • Select a file, then add each of the files from your laptop or desktop.
  • Then Submit.

– NAFDAC Recruitment Portal –

NAFDAC Recruitment Portal

Application Forms

Quality Templates:

  • Product dossier with a quality overall summary (QOS-PD)
  • Summary of high-quality information (QIS)

Bioequivalence Template:

  • Form of information for bioequivalence trials (BTIF)
  • Biowaiver Application Form (BAF):
  • NAFDAC BCS Biowaiver Template
  • Template for the NAFDAC Additional Strength Biowaiver

Labelling Templates:

  • Patient information leaflet (PIL)– Template 
  • Template for Summary Product Characteristics (SmPC)

Administrative Templates:

  • Letter of Access for CEP 
  • Letter of Access for APIMF 

Overseas Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP):

  • Foreign manufacturing facilities’ risk categories

How to Create a Good Cover Letter for NAFDAC Recruitment Job Application

These guidelines will assist you in creating a letter of application that will not only convince your potential employer that you are the greatest choice for the position, but also make you stand out from the competition.

1. Write an outline first

An outline is a structure for the information in your application letter. It will be simpler for you to decide what to include in the original if you write an outline. Take out a piece of paper, and start listing the qualifications and abilities required for the position.

2. At the top, include your contact information.

Before starting your application letter, make sure you have a suitable letterhead if you are not submitting it via email. Your information for contact should be:

  • Name
  • Residential Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your website, if applicable
  • LinkedIn profile

3. Include information about the business.

Include the recruiting manager’s name, title, and the company’s name and address after your contact information. You can demonstrate that you are writing your application letter directly to the business and the post in question by include NAFDAC’s contact information. It demonstrates your commitment as well. Search the NAFDAC website to see if you can discover the applicant reviewer if you do not already know his name.

4. Directly Address the Employer with a Proper Salutation

Another crucial component of an application letter is the salutation. Start off by giving a suitable address. A simple “Dear Hiring Manager” will do if you don’t know the employer’s name. For instance: Dear Mr. Harison,

5. Create a Captivating Opening Paragraph

The advice of experts is to approach your cover letter like a news article. Why? Because hiring managers read many application letters before picking which ones to “keep” or “trash.” Your application letter will be less likely to end up in the garbage if you write an interesting first paragraph.

  • Start your introduction with a strong, clear statement that shows the employer that you are excited to be applying for the position with the organisation.
  • Be succinct and specific when describing the factors that drew you to the position.
  • Display to the manager your qualifications for the position.

6. Indicate how you learned about the position.

It’s crucial to mention how you learned about the position (through the corporate website, a friend’s referral, a job site, a newspaper, etc.).

12. Express gratitude

Thank the hiring manager at the end of your application letter for his time and consideration. A professional and courteous method to conclude is by thanking him for his time in evaluating your application letter.

13. End your message with a formal closing like “Yours Sincerely, Best,” or “Best Wishes,” then sign your name. Instead of placing your contact information in the header of an email, do so beneath your name.

What is NAFDAC verification code?

NAFDAC No, or National Association for Food and Drug Administration Control Number, is a six-digit authentication code that certifies a product is safe for ingestion.

What is the difference between NAFDAC and son?

The first is the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), which is Nigeria’s highest standardisation authority. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), which regulates the manufacturing, distribution, or sale of food, medicines, cosmetics, chemicals, detergents, medical equipment, and packaged water.

What is NAFDAC responsible for?

According to the statute, the Agency must oversee and regulate the production, distribution, advertising, sales, and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, packaged water, chemicals, and detergents (together referred to as regulated products).

What are the NAFDAC rules?

This rule forbids the sale of unwholesome processed foods and phoney, counterfeit medications. Additionally, the Law forbids the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals that are fake, contaminated, illegal, subpar, or outdated.

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